What Part B covers

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) helps cover 2 types of services:

  • Medically necessary services: Services or supplies that meet accepted standards of medical practice to diagnose or treat your medical condition.
  • Preventive services: Health care to prevent illness (like the flu) or detect it at an early stage when treatment is likely to work best.

You pay nothing for most preventive services if you get the services from a health care provider who accepts assignment

If you're in a Medicare Advantage Plan or other Medicare plan, your plan may have different rules. But your plan must give you at least the same coverage as Original Medicare.  

Part B covers things like:

If you use an insulin pump that's covered under Part B's durable medical equipment benefit, or you get your covered insulin through a Medicare Advantage Plan, your cost for a month's supply of Part B-covered insulin for your pump can't be more than $35. The Part B deductible won't apply. 

If you get a 3-month supply of Part B-covered insulin, your costs can't be more than $35 for each month's supply. This means you'll generally pay no more than $105 for a 3-month supply of covered insulin.

If you have Part B and Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) that pays your Part B coinsurance, your Medigap plan should cover the $35 (or less) cost for insulin.

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