What’s a home health care plan?

Your home health agency will work with you and your doctor or allowed provider (including a nurse practitioner, a clinical nurse specialist, and physician assistant) to create your plan of care listing:

  • What services you need
  • Which health care professionals should give these services
  • How often you’ll need the services
  • The medical equipment you need
  • What results your doctor or allowed provider expects from your treatment

Your home health agency must give you or arrange for all the home care listed in your plan of care, including services and medical supplies.

Your doctor or allowed provider and home health team should review your plan of care as often as necessary, but at least once every 60 days.

If your health problems change, the home health team should tell your doctor or allowed provider right away. Your home health team should also tell you about any changes in your plan of care and only change it with your doctor or allowed provider's approval. If you have a question about your care, or if you feel your needs aren’t being met, talk with both your doctor or allowed provider and the home health team.

The home health agency staff will teach you (and family or friends who may be helping you) to continue any care you may need, including:

  • Wound care
  • Therapy
  • How to manage your condition

Learn to recognize problems like infection or shortness of breath, and what to do or who to contact if they happen.