What's a care plan in a nursing home?

The nursing home staff will get your health information and review your health condition to prepare your care plan. You (if you're able), your family (with your permission), or someone acting on your behalf has the right to take part in planning your care with the nursing home staff.

The basic care plan includes:

  • A health assessment (a review of your health condition) that begins on the day you’re admitted, and must be completed within 14 days of admission
  • A health assessment at least every 90 days after your first review, and possibly more often if your medical status changes
  • Ongoing, regular assessments of your condition to see if your health status has changed, with changes to your care plan as needed

Nursing homes are required to submit this information to the federal government. This information is used for quality measures, nursing home payment, and state inspections.

Depending on your needs, your care plan may include:

  • What kind of personal or health care services you need
  • What type of staff should give you these services
  • How often you need the services
  • What kind of equipment or supplies you need (like a wheelchair or feeding tube)
  • What kind of diet you need (if you need a special one) and your food preferences
  • How your care plan will help you reach your goals
  • Information on whether you plan on returning to the community and, if so, a plan to help you meet that goal