Returning to the community from a nursing home

Why does the nursing home staff ask me if I want to talk to someone about returning to the community?

Returning to the community is an opportunity for you to live in your home, an apartment, or another appropriate setting. You can get the necessary care and services that are normally provided in the nursing home. Saying “yes” doesn't mean you have to leave the nursing home. It also doesn't guarantee that you’ll be able to move back to the community. The staff will regularly ask this question, since your needs and the services in the community may change over time.

What will happen if I ask to speak with someone about returning to the community?

  1. The nursing home staff will call a local agency for community living (Local Contact Agency).
  2. The Local Contact Agency will call or visit you to learn what services and support you need. Then, they'll look into:
    • Your housing options and/or services to modify your home
    • Available services (like help with your medical and personal care)
    • Programs that may help pay for these services (like Medicaid [Glossary] , Medicare, or private insurance)
  3. If the services and support you need are available, you decide whether to start planning to leave the nursing home.
  4. You can change your mind at any time.

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