Find out about nursing homes in your area

  • Find and compare nursing homes in your area.
  • Ask people you trust, like your family, friends, or neighbors if they’ve had personal experience with nursing homes. They may be able to recommend a nursing home to you.
  • Ask your doctor if he or she provides care at any local nursing homes. If so, ask which nursing homes so you can continue to see your doctor while you're in the nursing home.
  • Visit the Eldercare Locator for more information on long-term care choices in your area.
  • Contact your local senior and community activity center.
  • If you’re in the hospital, ask your social worker about discharge planning as early in your hospital stay as possible. The hospital’s staff should be able to do these:
    • Help you find a nursing home that meets your needs
    • Help with your transfer when you’re ready to be discharged