Popular Medicare publications

General Information

Medicare and You [PDF, 11135 KB]
Revised: December 2021
Publication ID: 10050

Where to get answers to your Medicare questions [PDF, 144 KB]
Revised: June 2021
Publication ID: 02246

Health care choices

Your Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home [PDF, 11135 KB]
Revised: October 2019
Publication ID: 02174

Guide to Choosing a Hospital [PDF, 615 KB]
Revised: April 2021
Publication ID: 10181

Coverage & payment

Medicare and Home Health Care [PDF, 2018 KB]
Revised: September 2020
Publication ID: 10969

Your Medicare Benefits [PDF, 2276 KB]
Revised: January 2022
Publication ID: 10116

Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment and Other Devices [PDF, 376 KB]
Revised: August 2021
Publication ID: 11045

Staying healthy

Your Discharge Planning Checklist [PDF, 276 KB]
Revised: March 2019
Publication ID: 11376

Staying Healthy [PDF, 124 KB]
Revised: September 2021
Publication ID: 11100