Global & Professional Direct Contracting Model

The Global and Professional Direct Contracting model aims to improve primary care, lower hospital admissions and help your doctor give you high-quality care. If you have Original Medicare and your doctor participates in this model, you may get extra benefits and services to help you stay healthy or better manage a chronic condition. 

How does it work?

If your doctor participates in this model, you’ll get a letter from an organization called a “Direct Contracting Entity.” Direct Contracting Entities can be provider organizations (like health systems), primary care practices, clinics, health plans or other health care organizations.

What does it mean for my care?

Your doctor works with the Direct Contracting Entity, which may offer you extra benefits, like:

  • Help paying for some Part B-covered services.
  • The option to go to a skilled nursing facility without having to stay in the hospital for 3 days. 
  • More telehealth benefits, especially for dermatology and ophthalmology services.
  • The option to keep your current care to help you treat an illness, if you already chose to get hospice care.
  • Home visits from a health care provider (like a nurse) after a hospital stay or to help manage your care.


Your Medicare rights & benefits are protected

You’ll still:

  • Be able to see all of your Medicare providers.
  • Have access to all of your current Medicare benefits.
  • Have the option to switch health care providers at any time.