Emergency department services

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)  usually covers emergency department services when you have an injury, a sudden illness, or an illness that quickly gets much worse.

Your costs in Original Medicare

  • You pay a  copayment for each emergency department visit and a copayment for each hospital service you get.
  • After you meet the Part B deductible , you also pay 20% of the  Medicare-Approved Amount  for your doctor's services.
  • If your doctor admits you to the same hospital for a related condition within 3 days of your emergency department visit, you don't pay the copayment(s) because your visit is considered part of your inpatient stay.  

Find out cost

To find out how much your test, item, or service will cost, talk to your doctor or health care provider. The specific amount you’ll owe may depend on several things, like:

  • Other insurance you may have
  • How much your doctor charges
  • If your doctor accepts assignment
  • The type of facility
  • Where you get your test, item, or service

Things to know

Medicare only covers emergency services outside of the U.S. under rare circumstances.

Is my test, item, or service covered?