Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan Reassignment Notice

What is it?

You'll get this notice if you get 

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 and your current Medicare Advantage (MA) Plan is leaving the Medicare Program. This BLUE notice lets you know you'll be reassigned to a Medicare drug plan for the coming year if you don't join a new Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare drug plan on your own.

When should I get it?

Late October/early November

Who sends it?


What should I do if I get this notice?

  • Keep the notice.
  • Compare plans to see which plan meets your needs.
  • Change plans, if you choose, in early December.

Download a sample

"MA Reassignment Notice [PDF, 573 KB]"

Get this notice in Spanish [PDF, 669 KB].

Publication, product, or other number

Product No. 11443

Unofficial name

Blue notice