Competitive Bidding Program Contract Supplier Requirements

All contract suppliers have to meet the Competitive Bidding Program requirements, federal quality standards, and state licensure requirements. They also have to be in good standing with Medicare, and be accredited by an independent accreditation organization.

Contract suppliers must:

  • Accept  assignment  for all contract  items. This means they can’t charge you more than the  Medicare-Approved Amount .
  • Offer the same brands of off-the-shelf (OTS) back or knee braces to Medicare and non-Medicare customers.
  • Make OTS back or knee braces available throughout the entire competitive bidding area.
  • Only provide OTS back or knee braces that meet all applicable Food and Drug Administration regulations, effectiveness, and safety standards.
  • Maintain OTS back or knee braces according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Provide OTS back or knee braces using educated professionals who meet applicable licensure requirements.
  • Make available a competent professional to provide or arrange for necessary repairs or replacement of existing OTS back or knee braces.
  • Provide safe OTS back and knee braces.
  • Provide OTS back or knee braces that are consistent with the doctor’s prescription.
  • Be aware of changes in your medical needs and work together with your doctor.

How can contract suppliers advertise?

Medicare has specific rules for marketing to people with Medicare. Suppliers can’t make uninvited contact with you by phone about supplying a Medicare-covered item unless one of these situations applies:

  • You've given written permission to the supplier to contact you about a Medicare-covered item that you need to rent or buy.
  • The supplier is contacting you to coordinate delivery of the item.
  • The supplier is contacting you about providing a Medicare-covered item other than a covered item you already have, and the supplier has provided at least one covered item to you during the previous 15-month period.

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