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Download Database

You have the option of downloading the data that is used by the Supplier Directory tool onto your computer. The data will be downloaded on Data.Medicare.Gov. This functionality is primarily used by health policy researchers and the media. For information about suppliers in a particular ZIP code, you should use the Supplier Directory tool instead of downloading the data. Proceed to the downloading section of this website. - Opens in a new window

Important Information about Participating and Non-Participating Suppliers who accept Medicare Assignment

If you get Medicare covered prescription drugs, equipment or supplies, you should check to see if your pharmacy or supplier is enrolled in the Medicare Program. If you go to a pharmacy or supplier that is not enrolled, Medicare will not pay. You will be responsible for paying the entire bill for any drugs or supplies. You can find Medicare enrolled suppliers and pharmacies in this online directory. For Medicare covered supplies, you should also find out if your pharmacy or supplier is participating with Medicare.

Suppliers who accept assignment means they must accept the Medicare-approved amount as payment in full. You should only pay your 20 percent co-insurance (and any remaining Medicare Part B deductible) when you get your prescription drugs, equipment or supplies from a pharmacy or supplier that accepts assignment. This online supplier directory will tell you if the pharmacy or supplier accepts assignment. If the pharmacy or supplier does not accept assignment the amount you have to pay may be higher .You may also have to pay the entire charge at this time of service, and wait for Medicare to send you its share of the charge. This online directory will tell you if the pharmacy or supplier accepts Medicare Assignment. Remember, Competitive Bidding Program contract suppliers always have to accept assignment for competitively bid items.

Note: If you are receiving any items covered by the DMEPOS Competitive Bidding Program you should always confirm that the supplier is either a contract supplier or is an eligible "grandfathered" supplier. Contract suppliers and “grandfathered” suppliers must accept assignment on competitively bid items regardless of their participation status.