Competitive Bid

When the program starts in my area do I have to change suppliers if I am already renting equipment from a supplier that isn’t a Medicare contract supplier?

If you’re already renting certain medical equipment or receiving oxygen or oxygen equipment that is paid on a monthly basis when the program starts, you may be able to stay with your current supplier. Suppliers that aren’t Medicare contract suppliers can elect to become “grandfathered” suppliers. This means a supplier may continue to rent equipment to you if you were renting the equipment when the program starts. This rule applies only to oxygen, oxygen equipment and certain rented equipment. You may continue using the “grandfathered” supplier until the rental period for your equipment ends. If you start renting additional equipment from a “grandfathered” supplier after the program starts, Medicare won’t pay for the new equipment. If you’re renting equipment that’s eligible for grandfathering, your supplier will let you know in writing 30 business days before the program begins whether it will or won’t become a grandfathered supplier.