Year 1: Your Medicare checklist

1. Make sure someone you trust can talk to us about your Medicare – Fill out an Authorization Form to give Medicare permission to talk with someone you choose, if you aren't able to talk to us yourself. We can't give personal health information about you to anyone unless you give this permission in writing first. Get this form in Spanish.

2. Make a "Welcome to Medicare" Preventive Visit appointment during the first 12 months you have Medicare. This free, one-time comprehensive preventive visit puts you in control of your health and your Medicare from the start. It's only available in your first year.

3. Learn what else Medicare covers. Get a list of tests, items, and services that are covered anywhere in the U.S. Or, use our "What's covered" mobile app to find out if your test, item, or service is covered. If it isn't, talk to your doctor or other health care providers about why you need it. And, ask if Medicare will cover it.

4. Once you have your Medicare Number, create your secure Medicare account to access your Medicare information anytime and have a more personalized experience. With your account, you can:

  • Print an official copy of your Medicare card
  • Access and share your electronic health information
  • Pay your Medicare premiums online
  • View your Original Medicare claims as soon as they're processed
  • Find plans in your area and create a list of your drugs

If you enroll in a Medicare health or drug plan, those plans may also have their own websites or apps to help you track your health and claims.

5. Consider going paperless, and get your “Medicare & You” handbook and any Medicare Summary Notices electronically.

Find out who to call about Medicare options, claims and more.


Try the "What's covered" mobile app!

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