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State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs

Many states and the U.S. Virgin Islands offer help paying drug plan premiums and/or other drug costs. Select a state or territory below then click “Search” to see if any programs are available in your area.

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Program Details

Program Name

Idaho AIDS Drug Assistance Program (IDAGAP)


(208) 334-5943
(800) 926-2588

Who is eligible

What is the Idaho HIV SPAP?

The Idaho HIV State Prescription Assistance Program, IDAGAP, pays an eligible client's Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan co-pays and out-of-pocket responsibilities during the coverage gap (donut-hole) period of each plan for all medications covered under the plan.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be Idaho resident.

  • Must be HIV positive.

  • Must be eligible for Medicare.

  • Must be enrolled in Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan.
  • The applicant does not qualify for Medicaid.
  • Applicant has Medicare Part A, or A and B, and D coverage.
  • Applicant does not qualify for Low Income Subsidies.

  • Please call Medicare at (800) 633-4227 or visit their website at: for information regarding Medicare Part D drug plans.

    Must have income between 151% - 200% of Federal Poverty Level.

    Clients who have incomes 150% FPL or below may qualify for an exception, please call 208-334-6527.

    Must be participating in an Idaho HIV Medical Case Management Program.

    Where to apply

    Department of Health and Welfare P. O. Box 83720
    Boise, ID 83720

    Link to state website

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    Important Notes

    Benefits of IDAGAP:

    • IDAGAP works with all Idaho Medicare Part D Plans.

    • IDAGAP uses the formulary of the Medicare Part D plans. Any drug covered by a member's Medicare Drug plan will also be covered by IDAGAP.

    • IDAGAP will pay co-pay and coverage gap amounts until such time as individual reaches the Catastrophic Coverage Portion of the Part D Plan.

    • IDAGAP will not pay premiums.

    • IDAGAP assistance will cease when the Catastrophic Coverage Portion of Part D Plan is reached.

    • Medicare Part D excludible drugs are not covered by IDAGAP.