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You can finally get your data, via the award winning 1upHealth patient app. Connect data from hundreds of organizations without any manual data entry. Share that data with your providers and researchers electronically so you can spend less time managing your health and more time living life.

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AskSophie logo

AskSophie is an online AI software that aims to allow patients to search for relevant health information. It consists of two services, 1) a symptom checker, 2) medical data upload and secure storage.

Users may conduct a health-related search (including symptoms) and receive a list of common related conditions derived from population level data. For each common condition the company plans to offer links to publicly accessible, approved educational materials.

Users can upload personal health information securely to the platform and conduct health related searches to get educational information. Accordingly, the Member website’s results may be more tailored to a patient input

The software is not intended to provide a specific diagnosis but rather to provide patients with categories of conditions common to people with similar symptoms to further investigate with their health providers.

More information can be found at:

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b.well - Connected Health logo

b.well Connected Health is transforming the way consumers interact with the healthcare industry by providing access to full spectrum personalized data with actionable insights that empower people to improve health and avoid disease. b.well collects, aggregates, and stores clinical, financial, wearable, and genetic information for a consumer as we believe the solution to fixing healthcare is to put the information in the hands of the person it matters most to, the consumer. We then provide incentivized care coordination and concierge services, and match consumers with relevant health journeys for themselves and their families. We are the one location on a mobile device for a consumer to access their health care with a simple on-demand experience. We believe healthcare is a service, not business as usual. We are committed to leading the movement in empowering personal health.

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BlueButtonPRO™ is a FREE app that provides a simple and secure way for Medicare beneficiaries and/or their representatives to download, view, manage, and share their healthcare information from multiple devices.

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Blue Laurel logo

With DocSpera's Blue Button 2.0 Integration, both providers and patients gain valuable access to the patients’ medical and medication history data from CMS to help facilitate pre-op assessment for surgical intervention. Upon patient consent on DocSpera, patients and providers are able to see a summary of their medical history in preparation for the patient visit for the surgical assessment. Such information can help drive risk management and improve communication with provider and ultimately improved surgical outcomes.

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eClincalWorks Logo

With eClinicalWorks’ (eCW) Blue Button 2.0 Integration, patients and providers gain unprecedented access to patients’ claims data from CMS. After patients provide consent on the healow® Patient Portal, eCW offers them easy-to-follow analysis and key takeaways from their information. Providers receive a clinician-focused analysis within the eCW Electronic Health Record and during the patient visit, helping them better understand what is happening to the patient outside the provider’s office. Such information can help drive success with MIPS, HEDIS, HCC, CCM, TCM, and other Population Health programs.

Blue Button 2.0 Integration helps providers answer key questions and close gaps in care:
  • Is a patient eligible for a CCM or well visit?
  • Has the patient been seen in the ER recently and why?
  • Is the patient overdue for a colonoscopy, flu shot, or other recommended procedure(s)?
  • What is the overall cost of care for a given patient and where are they receiving care?

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Enroll Hero is the simpler way to find the right Medicare plan. We'll help you:

  1. Create a personalized Medicare road map to understand your plan options, costs, and timelines.
  2. Select the right Medicare Plan for your needs, based on the doctors you prefer and the prescription drugs you need - using BlueButton to import your drug list.
  3. Answer your questions and enroll with complete confidence. We'll continue to ensure you're on the right plan and paying the right prices.
Enroll Hero experts are licensed, certified, and appointed by all major health insurance companies to help with all of your Medicare needs. Our proprietary EnrollHero platform is completely unbiased and picks the optimal plan with no preference for any one insurance company or plan. Our mission is to simplify Medicare and we promise to always do what is best for you, not the insurance companies.

Here’s what our customers say:

"Enroll Hero was like having my own personal Medicare assistant."
"Impartial, informative and responsive..."

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1upHealth logo

Get Your Health Record Mobile App syncs 4 years of Medicare health history (weekly updates) which displays in a calendar and list view. After syncing your Medicare health history, the app generates a list of Things to Complete care gaps based on your age, gender, diagnoses and other factors. A text alert is then sent to you monthly to remind you about your Things to Complete care gaps. The app also generates your health score and expected spend. Your health score rating tells you how you compare on a national level. You will also learn ways to improve your health score, such as reviewing all your diagnoses to make sure you are aware of each diagnosis and how to manage the condition. After you sync your Medicare health history you may obtain a direct message address to request your clinical record from your doctor's electronic health records system. Share your health information with family, new providers, caretakers or insurance professionals. Always have your health information with you on the go.

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Blue Laurel logo

HEALTHMAP SOLUTIONS provides a digital health platform to securely store, aggregate, and analyze claims and clinical data. HEALTHMAP SOLUTUONS allows Medicare patients to share their claims data for upload to the HEALTHMAP SOLUTIONS platform. The HEALTHMAP SOLUTUIONS application provides a process that permits Medicare beneficiaries the ability to share their claims data history through the Blue Button 2.0 sharing platform. This data may supplement data HEALTHMAP SOLUTIONS has previously collected from accountable care organizations, healthcare providers or insurance carriers of individuals who are enrolled in their health benefit plans. HEALTHMAP SOLUTIONS will also aggregate the healthcare data and clinical data enabling us to provide services for management of chronic progressive diseases.

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Health Wizz logo

A digital file cabinet to store all your medical records on your mobile phone including your Medicare and Insurance claims information, medical records from hospitals and doctors' offices, and lab results. You can even participate in clinical research armed with your health data and earn rewards points. Connect wearables to applications and track your wellness with My Health Index (MHI). Connect and interact with caregivers and family members through your own 'Circle of Health'.

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Human API logo

Human API is a secure service for organizations to offer their users the ability to connect and share their real-time digital health data. Human API's Data Network is the largest in the world, enabling users to connect their data from Medicare claims, medical records, labs, pharmacies, devices, apps, and patient portals using the credentials they already have to access those services. It enables organizations to connect their user's health information to their applications/services and deliver data-driven value including personalized recommendations, insights, and more. Human API's consumer-centric model unlocks the ability to quickly and easily share health information while ensuring the end-user always has full visibility and control over the sharing of their data.

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Humana logo

Humana's Rx Calculator uses your Medicare prescription data to quickly determine annual drug and premium costs when shopping for a Humana plan.

For other Humana products using Blue Button please visit:

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iBlue Button logo

iBlueButton places vital health information in your hands, for you and your loved ones, securely stored on your phone or tablet, with none of your private information processed or stored in the cloud. The App automatically translates your Medicare financial information into an organized medical history and assembled with your VA and TRICARE records when applicable. Easily review, research, and annotate your lists of medications, conditions, and detailed medical history (physician visits, hospitalization, tests, etc.), and find all your providers with their detailed contact information. With iBlueButton, keep your medical information private, only sharing with your providers or family members the information you specifically select. Designed by physicians specialized in Preventive Medicine, Public Health, and Internal Medicine, iBlueButton uniquely warns you about potentially harmful medications and provides you with best care guidelines regarding your specific medical conditions.

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MedRecordsConnect logo

MedRecordsConnect gives you and those you authorize a view into your medical history. Our mission is to decrease the hassle of sharing your medical information and enabling a health summary that will lead to better options and outcomes.

We are a third party service for Healthcare Providers like Hospitals and Primary Care Physicians, but also provide services for Life Insurance companies. We are committed to safeguarding your private medical information while enabling you to use what is ultimately YOUR data and put it to work for you.

Coming soon will be launching your own summary view of this information so that you can be better informed with the goal of empowering better decisions.

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myFHR™ (my Family Health Record) logo

All your health information in one place. Under your control. Secure.

Connect myFHR™ to each of your physicians, hospitals/ED, and Medicare/insurance companies to gather all your health information -- medications, procedures, allergies, diagnoses, lab results, and appointments.

  • Go prepared to your next doctor visit with mobile access to all of your health records.
  • Prevent errors by helping your care providers act on consistent knowledge of your medications, allergies and other critical information.
  • Securely store images and scans of health documents - Add over the counter medications and track symptoms like pain or mood.
  • Be alerted to important health events - abnormal lab results, overdue vaccinations, and readings from connected smartwatches and devices.
  • Share access with family, friends, caregivers and your health plan.

myFHR™ comes to you from CareEvolution, trusted by the country’s leading hospital systems and health plans.

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MyRush Mobile logo

The MyRush Mobile is a platform for keeping patients connected to and engaged with Rush Health Network in order to easily and collaboratively manage their health and wellness.

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project Seamlesslogo

Welcome to your everything-health guide, built just for you. Our new mobile experience organizes your health care, connects you to a dedicated care team and offers personal insights to help you live the best life possible.

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Trustee by HIE of One logo

Trustee(r) by HIE of One enables a patient to share their health records with anyone that presents acceptable credentials. The patient need not be online or present in-person for access to be authorized. If the patient is present, information in a QR code or smartphone medical ID can direct the caregiver to the patient’s health record access portal, Trustee. An optional Directory feature aggregates multiple patient Trustees for support, relationship locator services, matchmaking, and data monetization.

Trustee is self-sovereign technology entirely under the control of the patient, if they choose. It is licensed as Free Open Source Software. To reduce the “walled garden” effect, Trustee uses FHIR, OAuth, UMA, OpenID Connect, and the emerging blockchain identity and professional credentials standards. Although HIE of One offers hosting and support services, these are not mandatory and we avoid any access to personal data for any reason other than requested support.

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617-500-3396 logo is a smarter way to manage Medicare.’s free app helps you:

  • Maximize coverage, save on out of pocket costs. Compare personalized, unbiased recommendations based on your own health and income.
  • Monitor your Medicare coverage and drug prices. Get alerted when there's an important change in your plan, coverage, or pricing.
  • Get discounts and other cost-savings. Get any current discount coupons sent directly to you via email.

The more we know about your needs, the smarter our recommendation engine becomes for you. Sign up directly, or sign in on our site using your account.

Our mission is to help you understand your options and make smart Medicare choices, as quickly and easily as possible. is an independent advisory company solely for seniors with no ties to the insurance industry. Get the info you need (and deserve) to take control of your health care costs. It’s all at

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