Find apps to use with Medicare’s Blue Button

Medicare’s Blue Button 2.0 lets you connect your Medicare health information to other services you trust, like applications (apps).

These apps give you ways to manage and improve your health, like:

  • Keeping track of the tests and services you need and getting reminders for them.
  • Tracking your medical claims.
  • Keeping your medical records and list of medicines in one place.
  • Making appointments with and sending messages to your doctor.
  • Getting information just for you about your symptoms and medical conditions.
  • Finding health and drug plans.
  • Keeping track of your notes and questions.
  • Connecting your data to research projects.

Medicare doesn’t endorse these apps. Each app’s developers give us a description of their app and we show the descriptions without edits.

You can browse an alphabetical list of all of our apps or find apps based on what you'd like to do with your Medicare health information.