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A digital file cabinet to store all your medical records on your mobile phone including your Medicare and Insurance claims information, medical records from hospitals and doctors' offices, and lab results. You can even participate in clinical research armed with your health data and earn rewards points. Connect wearables to applications and track your wellness with My Health Index (MHI). Connect and interact with caregivers and family members through your own 'Circle of Health'.

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myFHR™ (my Family Health Record) logo

All your health information in one place. Under your control. Secure.

Connect myFHR™ to each of your physicians, hospitals/ED, and Medicare/insurance companies to gather all your health information -- medications, procedures, allergies, diagnoses, lab results, and appointments.

  • Go prepared to your next doctor visit with mobile access to all of your health records.
  • Prevent errors by helping your care providers act on consistent knowledge of your medications, allergies and other critical information.
  • Securely store images and scans of health documents - Add over the counter medications and track symptoms like pain or mood.
  • Be alerted to important health events - abnormal lab results, overdue vaccinations, and readings from connected smartwatches and devices.
  • Share access with family, friends, caregivers and your health plan.

myFHR™ comes to you from CareEvolution, trusted by the country’s leading hospital systems and health plans.

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