Patient Safety Indicators

Patient Safety Indicators

VHA reports data on the Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs). The PSIs are a set of indicators providing information on potential in hospital complications and adverse events following surgeries and procedures. The tables below provide data on the following measures:  

  • (PSI-3) Pressure ulcer rate (pressure ulcers)
  • (PSI-4) Inpatient surgical deaths
  • (PSI-6) Collapsed lung due to medical treatment 
  • (PSI-7) Infections from a large venous catheter (central venous catheter-related blood stream infection)
  • (PSI-8) Broken hip from a fall after surgery (postoperative hip fracture)
  • (PSI-9) Perioperative bleeding/ bruise
  • (PSI-10) Postoperative kidney & diabetic complications
  • (PSI-11) Postoperative respiratory failure rate
  • (PSI-12) Perioperative blood clot/ embolism
  • (PSI-14) A wound that splits open after surgery (postoperative wound dehiscence)
  • (PSI-15) Accidental cuts and tears (accidental puncture or laceration)
  • (PSI-13) Blood stream infection after surgery (postoperative sepsis) 

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