“Welcome to Medicare” booklet and letter (not automatically enrolled)

What is it?

You’ll get this letter if you enroll yourself in 

Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance)


Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance)

. Your coverage starts on the dates listed on the enclosed card. The booklet explains some important decisions you need to make, including whether you should sign up for Part B if you haven't already.

When should I get it?

After you enroll yourself in Part A and/or Part B

Who sends it?


What should I do if I get these materials?

  • Read the cover letter.
  • Read the enclosed booklet carefully. It’s the official "Welcome" booklet from Medicare, and it explains 4 very important decisions you should consider now:

Download a sample

"Welcome to Medicare" cover letter [PDF, 893 KB]

"Welcome to Medicare" booklet [PDF, 137 KB]

Publication, product, or other number

Product No. 12020

Unofficial name

"Welcome to Medicare" booklet