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CMS Non-Renewal Reminder Notice

What is it?

You'll get this notice if your plan is leaving the Medicare program (and you don't get Extra Help). This notice reminds you that you need to choose a new plan for the coming year.

When should I get it?


If you have a Cost Plan: If you’re in a Cost Plan that isn’t being offered in 2019 and you’re not automatically being moved to another plan offered by the organization, you will get 2 notices. We will send the first notice by September 1, 2018, and we will send a second notice before open enrollment starts on October 15, 2018.

Who sends it?


What should I do if I get this notice?

You must look for a new plan for coverage next year.

If you have a Cost Plan: You must look for new health care coverage. Both notices will include information explaining your health care options and what to do if you have any questions.

Download a sample

"CMS Part C Non-renewal Notice [PDF, 50.6 KB]"  (English and Spanish)

"CMS Part D Non-renewal Notice [PDF, 49.2 KB]" (English and Spanish)

Publication, product, or other number

Product No. 11433

Product No. 11438

Unofficial name

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