Jul 06, 2012

Spread the Word: Better Health is in Your Hands

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Medicare has always covered preventive services to keep you healthy, and you already know how important they are. But did you know that your family and friends can also take advantage of them–even if they don’t have Medicare?

Under the health care law, many insurance companies must cover free preventive health services like yearly wellness visits, immunizations, some cancer screenings, and more. Your loved ones won’t have to pay a copayment or coinsurance, or meet a deductible, as long as they get these services from a provider in their plan’s network.

Taking advantage of these benefits is an easy and important way for your family and friends to stay healthy. Preventive benefits can keep them from getting certain diseases, or can help them find health problems early, when treatment works best.

Better health is in your hands–but not just your health. Talk with your friends and family so they can join the millions of Americans who are already using these benefits. By spreading the word today, you can help keep them healthy for all those tomorrows you want to enjoy.

Need more information?

  •          Review a full listing of covered preventive services for women, adults, and children.
  •          Talk to your doctor to see which preventive services are right for you.