Aug 01, 2012

Protect Your Health with Covered Shots

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You take your car for scheduled maintenance service just to make sure it’s fine, right? And, like most of us, you have things like car and homeowners insurance just in case you need it. Shouldn’t you take just as much precaution with yourself to make sure you stay healthy? Keeping your immune system strong is a lifelong, life-protecting job, but we’ve got you covered. Your Medicare preventive & screening services include 3 shots:

  1.       Flu Shots—Covered once a flu season in the fall or winter.
  2.       Hepatitis B ShotsCovered for people at high or medium risk for Hepatitis B (usually a series of 3 shots).
  3.       Pneumococcal ShotCovered to help prevent pneumococcal infections (like certain types of pneumonia). Most people only need this shot once in their lifetime.

Getting your shots has never been easier. As we approach the fall season, you’ll see these shots offered in many places, such as your local pharmacy, so make sure you take advantage of them. As long as the supplier or doctor accepts assignment for giving the shot, you pay nothing.

You’re way more important than your car or house so make the time to stay healthy.