Apr 25, 2018

Our new Privacy Manager puts privacy choices at your fingertips

Your privacy is very important. That’s why we have important safeguards in place to protect the information you give us when you visit Medicare.gov. We’ve added a tool that lets you easily control some of the information we may collect from you.

When you visit Medicare.gov, we use common web tools to collect information—things like:

  • What websites you came from
  • What Medicare.gov pages you visit
  • How much time you spend on Medicare.gov
  • What page you’re on when you leave Medicare.gov

We use this information to help us improve Medicare.gov and our outreach to people with Medicare.

You can decide whether you want us to collect this information during your visits to Medicare.gov. Our new Privacy Manager lets you easily adjust your settings to match your comfort level.

To view or change your privacy settings, visit Medicare.gov, and select “Privacy settings” at the bottom of the page. Here’s what it looks like: Your Privacy Options screengrab You can choose “on” or “off” for tracking certain types of information about your Medicare.gov visits, like advertising or social media. No matter what you choose, you’ll still have access to everything on Medicare.gov. But, if you choose “off,” we won’t use your visit to:

  • Improve Medicare.gov to make it more useful for visitors
  • Improve our public education and outreach through digital advertising

We’re committed to protecting your privacy. To learn more about how we protect your privacy when you visit Medicare.gov, visit our privacy policy.