Mar 23, 2020

Make healthier choices for a healthier you. Medicare can help!

Food isn’t just for survival — it can foster relationships, spark conversations, and connect cultures. Above all, smart food choices are good for you and your family’s health, and overall well-being. While confusing food labels and fad diets can make healthy eating challenging, National Nutrition Month and Medicare are here to help!

March is National Nutrition Month®. Information and other resources are available to help you understand portion sizes, become menu-savvy when dining out, and make healthy eating choices. Make learning how to make food choices that are healthy, delicious, and sustainable a priority this month.

Even better, Medicare benefits, like nutrition therapy services and obesity behavioral therapy, may be available to you year-round. If eligible, you can meet with a nutrition professional to discuss your lifestyle, nutrition, and health goals. Visit to see if you qualify.