Sep 20, 2012

Keep your loved ones healthy – take them to the doctor

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Who doesn’t want another reason to celebrate? This year add a new holiday to your family’s calendar – Take Your Loved One to the Doctor Day on September 20th. After all, what’s a better reason to celebrate than the good health of the people you love?

The best way to stay healthy is to live a healthy lifestyle. Your loved one can live a healthy lifestyle and prevent disease by exercising, eating well, keeping a healthy weight, not smoking, and taking advantage of Medicare’s preventive services.

Preventive services can find health problems early, when treatment works best, and can keep your loved one from getting certain diseases. The first “Welcome to Medicare” preventive visit and yearly “Wellness” visit are a key part of a healthy lifestyle. 

Schedule a doctor’s appointment today, and as long as the doctor accepts assignment there’s no cost. Now that’s something to celebrate!