Nov 27, 2018

Having an outpatient procedure? You may have options.

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Do you need an outpatient procedure? Your doctor might perform the procedure at more than one facility and offer you a choice. The new Procedure Price Lookup at can help you compare costs, if you have a choice between having your procedure at a hospital outpatient department or ambulatory surgical center. Often, there’s more of a cost difference than you’d think.

Procedure Price Lookup lets you compare national average prices for procedures done both in ambulatory surgical centers and hospital outpatient departments. Using a procedure name or code (which your doctor can provide), you’ll see national average procedure costs for someone with Original Medicare and no supplement (Medigap) policy.  In addition to cost, there are other things to think about when choosing the right setting for your procedurewe’ll help with those too.

Being able to see and compare outpatient procedure costs in these settings is just one new feature of the eMedicare initiative. To stay up-to-date on eMedicare improvements and other important news from Medicare, sign up for our email list and follow us on Facebook.