Jun 05, 2014

Go paperless and help the environment

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Do you know what June 5th is?  It’s World Environment Day – a day for encouraging awareness and action for the environment that’s celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide.  How will you make your voice heard this year?  One great way is to sign up to get your “Medicare & You” handbook electronically.

If you have an e-Reader (like an iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, or Kindle) you can download a free digital version of the Medicare & You handbook to your e-Reader and take it with you anywhere you go.

Don’t have an e-Reader? You can still sign up to get a paperless version in a few simple steps. We’ll send you an email next September when the new eHandbook is available.  This online version of the handbook contains all the same information as the printed version.

Even better, the handbook information on the web is updated regularly, so you can instantly find the most up-to-date Medicare information!

Sign up today to get your Medicare & You information electronically and you’ll be making a difference for the environment. And that’s a great way to make your voice heard and celebrate World Environment Day.