Aug 05, 2011

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The health care providers and facilities you choose can affect your health – finding the right expertise and specialists may speed your recovery and improve how well your treatment works. We’ve just updated Nursing Home Compare and the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Hospital Compare with more information to help you compare health care facilities. And our new Quality Care Finder is updated regularly to provide you with an easy way to search for health care professionals, services, and facilities.

Use these resources to make informed decisions about which facilities you choose:

Nursing Homes
Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare now has information about:

  • Nursing home health inspections and what happens after a facility is inspected
  • Complaints filed about a nursing home in the last 3 years
  • Incidents that a nursing home self-reported in the last 3 years
  • Enforcements, which are monetary penalties and denials of payments, that a nursing home received in the last 3 years

This information, along with the existing measures including quality of care and staffing, can help you compare the care you’ll get at different nursing homes and the specialties they offer. You can now read complaints filed at each nursing home, and find out how they affected residents’ care. Use the Nursing Home Checklist [PDF, 201 KB] to track information about different nursing homes you visit.

VA Hospitals
The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Hospital Compare helps Veterans compare the quality of care at VA hospitals based on:

  • Reducing preventable surgical complications (part of the Surgical Care Improvement Project) including:
    • Infections
    • Blood clots
    • Heart (cardiac) problems
    • Breathing (respiratory) problems
  • Measures about death (mortality) rates, readmissions to the hospital, and best treatments for these medical conditions:
    • Congestive Heart Failure
    • Heart Attack
    • Pneumonia