Apr 12, 2011

Caring for a Loved One? Let Ask Medicare Answer Your Questions

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As a caregiver, you may have questions about what Medicare covers, care options, and how much services cost.

We recently updated Ask Medicare with your needs in mind, making it easier to navigate and quickly find answers to your questions.

Here’s what you can find on Ask Medicare:

  • Information about care options
  • Basic information about the Medicare program, explained in ways you can understand
  • Tip sheets on topics like helping a loved one transition home from the hospital and finding financial help for providing care
  • Resources for legal and financial support
  • Personal stories describing how other caregivers meet common challenges
  • Medicare/health care billing terms explained in plain language

You can also sign up the free Ask Medicare e-newsletter to get the latest Medicare news right in your inbox. The e-newsletter includes advice on handling challenging issues and information on organizations that support caregivers like you.

Are you part of the media or from a group that works with caregivers? The Ask Medicare resource kit includes print ads, and facts and statistics about caregivers.