Jun 27, 2011

22 Things You Need to Know: Which Test is Right for You?

By Julie Bataille, Director, Office of Communications, CMS. Cross post from Healthcare.gov
You have your grocery list. You have your “to-do” list. You even have a post-it note stuck to your steering wheel in your car reminding you to get your oil changed. We write things down to help us remember when life gets busy.  And when it comes to your health, there seem to be about a million things to remember. So why don’t you have a checklist dedicated to the care and keeping of you?
Take this checklist [PDF, 101 KB] to your doctor or other health care provider to find out what preventive services are right for you. This comprehensive check-list spells out the Medicare covered preventive services and allows you to keep track of when you received a particular test, screening, or service, as well as when you are due for your next one. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, these preventive services ranging from mammograms and flu shots to a yearly “wellness” visit, are offered free of charge to patients covered by Medicare.
Be sure to visit MyMedicare.gov to continue tracking your preventive services. You can get a two-year calendar of the Medicare-covered tests and screenings you’re eligible for. You can even print a personalized report to take with you to your next doctor’s appointment.
To help spread the word about Medicare’s preventive benefits, we just launched the Share the News, Share the Health campaign.  Help us spread the word by telling your friends and family with Medicare about the difference these preventive benefits can make.
So don’t forget to pick up your milk and bread at the grocery store, and build time in to your busy schedule to get your oil changed. But also make sure you have your preventive services checklist updated and ready for your next doctor’s appointment. That way, you will know the right questions to ask your doctor to guarantee you are receiving the preventive services you need.