Sep 27, 2011

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor for Better Care

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Did you ever just get home from your doctor’s appointment and remember something you wanted to ask or share with the doctor? 

Whether you’re at your Welcome to Medicare Preventive Visit, your Yearly Wellness Visit, or seeing the doctor for a specific problem, you get better care by asking questions and giving your doctor complete information.

You’re busy, and so is your doctor. Taking time to prepare your questions before your visit will help you get the most out of your health care.  Try these 10 basic questions to get started:

  1. What is the test for?
  2. How many times have you done this procedure?
  3. When will I get the results?
  4. Why do I need this treatment?
  5. Are there any alternatives or other options?
  6. What are the possible complications?
  7. Which hospital is best for my needs?
  8. How do you spell the name of that drug?
  9. Are there any side effects?
  10. Will this medicine interact with medicines that I'm already taking?

For more information and to feel more satisfied about your health care, visit the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Question Builder and keep track of questions and answers. 

A simple question can help you feel better, help you take better care of yourself, and may save your life.